News Anchor With A Witness

Join me in praying for Dave’s healing. Here is his Facebook Fan Page if you want to leave him a note of encouragement.

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Solar Stream

The active sun is spewing lots of high-speed, energy particles in our direction in the last few days. Those particles starting arriving around midday Friday. We don’t see much effect from it during the day other than HAM radio operator blackouts on certain radio bands, but if the stream continues tonight, much of the northern half of the USA may see the northern lights IF skies cooperate.

The chart below shows a solar “storm” in progress. Click here to see the current chart.

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September Snow

Say it isn’t “snow!”

For the first time since 1888, Rapid City saw the most snow it has experienced (1″) this early in September. Many web cameras west of Rapid City still had snow on the ground as of 6 PM tonight (Thursday). The image below was captured at 2:00 PM in Deadwood, SD.

So what’s going on?

The cold pattern carryover from last winter appears to be reinforcing, with a few different nuances. But by-in-large, the cold air is being directed into much of the continental United States thanks to warm ocean water off the coast of Alaska.

Temperature anomalies over the next 8 days is notably cold.

Snowfall in the higher elevations of Wyoming will see a foot of new snow.

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Praying “Legal” In NC Schools

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. – Gov. Pat McCrory has signed a bill into law allowing student-led prayer.

The three-page law allows students to pray either silently, out loud, alone or with others to the same extent as a student is allowed to reflect, meditate or speak on nonreligious matters.

Watch the video from FOX 8 in North Carolina.

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Timing Is Everything

The second week of Friday night high school football should have a green light in most places. The main line of thunderstorms is showing indications of arriving after 10-11PM. Here is one computer model showing the main line at 11 PM Friday.

If we back up to 8 PM, note that most places in NEOhio should be OK other than an isolated pop-up thunderstorm ahead of the main line.

Once the front clears, we are still looking at a cool down into the 70s for this weekend, and potentially even cooler beginning next weekend.

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