Lifetime Founding Member

Last week, I immediately invested in becoming a lifetime founding member of a new meteorological society whose goal it is to keep all research and discovery transparent. This new society is called The Open Atmospheric Society.

My former boss and founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, said it best:

“It is very gratifying to hear of the formation of The Open Atmospheric Society. A new Meteorological organization and scientific publication have been greatly needed for more than a decade. It is unfortunate that the American Meteorological Society has become totally politicized and conducts itself in total violation of the basic scientific principal of open debate; encouraging competing points of view to be presented and published.

“I allowed my Professional Membership in the AMS expire many years ago after being an active member, attending National Conferences and reading The Bulletin of the AMS for many years. Several events occurred that made it clear to me that the society was in the control of people who were using it to complete their personal agendas and the Society would was becoming closed and dogmatic. I look forward to membership in the OAS.”

I, too, will likely withdraw my support and membership from the AMS for the very same reasons. Numerous colleagues have already done the same.

After one day of being announced, one hundred meteorologists and climatologists joined the OAS. Sadly, the AMS is becoming more and more irrelevant with every passing day.

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A Surprise Decline

STUDENTS MEASURE ‘FORBUSH DECREASE’: On Sept. 12th, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field, igniting the most intense geomagnetic storm of the year. The students of Earth to Sky Calculus quickly launched a helium balloon to the stratosphere to see what effect the storm was having on Earth’s upper atmosphere. They expected to measure more radiation than usual. Instead, they measured less. This plot shows a sharp drop in high energy radiation on Sept. 12th compared to previous flights in May, June, and August:

What caused this counterintuitive drop? Answer: When the CME swept past Earth, it swept aside many of the cosmic rays that normally surround our planet. The effect is called a “Forbush Decrease,” named after physicist Scott E. Forbushwho first described it.

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News Anchor With A Witness

Join me in praying for Dave’s healing. Here is his Facebook Fan Page if you want to leave him a note of encouragement.

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Solar Stream

The active sun is spewing lots of high-speed, energy particles in our direction in the last few days. Those particles starting arriving around midday Friday. We don’t see much effect from it during the day other than HAM radio operator blackouts on certain radio bands, but if the stream continues tonight, much of the northern half of the USA may see the northern lights IF skies cooperate.

The chart below shows a solar “storm” in progress. Click here to see the current chart.

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September Snow

Say it isn’t “snow!”

For the first time since 1888, Rapid City saw the most snow it has experienced (1″) this early in September. Many web cameras west of Rapid City still had snow on the ground as of 6 PM tonight (Thursday). The image below was captured at 2:00 PM in Deadwood, SD.

So what’s going on?

The cold pattern carryover from last winter appears to be reinforcing, with a few different nuances. But by-in-large, the cold air is being directed into much of the continental United States thanks to warm ocean water off the coast of Alaska.

Temperature anomalies over the next 8 days is notably cold.

Snowfall in the higher elevations of Wyoming will see a foot of new snow.

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