NGC 1805

Many colorful stars are packed close together in this image of the globular cluster NGC 1805, taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. This tight grouping of thousands of stars is located near the edge of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way. For more on this unique globular cluster, click here.

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Easy To Find

Sometimes the satellite imagery gives us some obvious clues as to where certain features are. Take today’s image and see if you can pick out where the stationary front is located.

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What a stunning view from SkyFOX this morning just before the sun rose on this first day of September:

Here’s an image from last night’s sunset from my sister who lives in New England:

The dew point has moved back up into muggy territory today, so it doesn’t feel quite as September-like as a few days ago, however, the cool and dry pattern will return Friday-Saturday.

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Meet Jacob Wycoff

Congratulations to Jacob Wycoff on landing a dream job at one of Boston’s premiere television news outlets, WBZ-TV-4! Jacob is one of those young aspiring meteorology students that I watched as he earned his degree in meteorology, then slowly found himself in the right place at the right time.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to have Boston legend Don Kent on this podcast, along with another very popular meteorologist by the name of Bruce Schwoegler. Jacob becomes the third guest from WBZ-TV-4, a WeatherJazz® first. Let’s meet a delightful and talented young meteorologist who, in my humble opinion, will become the next New England weather icon.

Here’s the photo we made reference to when Jacob got the green light from his western Massachusetts news director to grow a beard.

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Laura’s Effects

Hurricane Laura slammed into Cameron, Louisiana a little after midnight today as a Category 4 hurricane. The peak wind (before the power and connections went out) at Lake Charles Municipal Airport just after 2 a.m. was clocked at 137 m.p.h. The National Weather Service Office there evacuated all employees earlier. It’s a good thing. Look what happened to the Lake Charles NEXRAD Doppler radar:

NOAA Hurricane Hunters were busy yesterday flying in and out of the eye to grab additional data. Here is a two-minute video taken by the crew as they went from the reasonably quiet eye and into the very turbulent eye wall:

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Why don’t we ever seem to see rainbows at high noon? There’s a great reason for that! Let’s explore the relationship between the sun angle and rainbows in today’s episode of WeatherJazz®.

Here is the photo to which I made reference in the podcast:

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Surprise Aurora

Check out this surprise aurora show in central Pennsylvania this morning!

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Favorite Season?

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Production Frequency?

Be sure to VOTE!

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My GoPro camera in “Night Lapse” mode caught a few of the Perseids last night. Click on each frame for a bigger view:

…along with a bonus frame:

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