Turning The Corner

January has been REALLY kind to us, that is thus far. Officially, only 0.2″ of snow has fallen. Add to that sunshine and highs in the 40s°F on Wednesday and Thursday and the only remaining wintry artifacts are a couple of tiny patches of snow where it initially piled up from our new snow blower.

Will we get to use the snow blower again? Oh, yeah. We’re on the edge of a pattern shift today that will give us an elevated opportunity to add to our seasonal snowfall total in the next few weeks.

As of 11 a.m., a cosmetic coating of snow has decorated western Ohio:

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One More Day Of Grace

Highs on Thursday will mimic those of Wednesday (42-46°F) before a system moves in on Friday that will change our pattern from a quiet and mild one to a colder and snoiwier one. Note the changeover from rain showers to snow showers late Friday:

Here is a 10-day animation of total snowfall projected. Note how NEOhio’s opportunity to see an increase in snowfall occurs with this pattern shift:

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Stunning Sunday Clouds

If you looked up anytime today, you may have noticed the very textured clouds. Thjy are known as “altocumulus” clouds and were forming between 20,000 and 30,000 feet high.

There was just enough moisture aloft to allow these clouds as well as the formation of commercial jet aircraft condensation trails, better known as “contrails.”

Note how one of the contrails was thick enough to cast a shadow on this high-resolution visible satellite!

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Duking It Out

The skies cleared out for a little while during the overnight period. Sally and I both saw the bright winter constellations out our windows in the wee hours of Friday. Sadly, when we woke, the clouds moved back in. However, watch the visible satellite sequence below. Not how much dry air and sunshine there is to our north. I’m still hopeful that we will see sunshine break through the cloud deck, at least periodically, on Saturday and Sunday.

The snow in Virginia, west Virginia, and Kentucky will stay south and exit off the east coast in the Carolinas tonight.

Have a blessed weekend, all.

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Pattern Shift Coming

Our weather pattern will take a distinct turn from near normal to much colder and snowier again for a period that could last several weeks at the very least. You can easily see that pattern shift start to occur next weekend:

Since the snowfall season began, Hopkins Airport has seen 24.3″ of total snowfall. As of January 7th, that’s 2.2″ above normal. Without much snowfall between now and next weekend, we will likely go a little below the normal total before ramping that right back up into above normal territory for the second half of January.

Here’s an animation of the USA’s total accumulated snowfall from October 1, 2020 to January 7, 2021.

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A Colder End To January

Our current weather pattern may be quiet (albeit with a LOT of cloud cover) along with temperatures that are near normal, don’t think that we are out of the “wintry woods” just yet.

The latest lobng-range model projections ALL point to a cold and actively snowy end to January. Note the broad cold pool that develops in this forecast animation from January 12 to January 21:

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2021 Has A Nice Ring To It

Happy New Year! I’m confident that 2021 will be an amazing year with many supernatural “God surprises” as the year unfolds!

Our year started with rain and freezing rain, but the drier air (yellow) has effectively turned the atmospheric spigot off for now.

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2021 In Iceland

This is how Icelander’s celebrate the start of the New Year. Fireworks are totally legal to set off (there isn’t much that can catch fire up there with lava rock, stone, and steel buildings… and very few trees anywhere). This video is from my friend, Pastor Gunnar Gunnarsson, near Reykjavik.

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Stratospheric Clouds

I’ve seen a number of posts over the last few days of “stratospheric clouds” that are illuminated by a very low-angle sun in some of the arctic areas of the northern hemisphere. Here is a good example posted by Arnibjörn of Twitter earlier today:

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The Iceland Project

Host André Bernier speaks to Gunnar Ingi Gunnarsson, pastor of Loftstofan Baptistakirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland to talk about the dark winter days, the northern lights, and about Gunnar’s faith story and how he became the pastor of a church in Iceland.

This episode is also a complete VIDEO episode which you can watch on the video player below:

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