Cozy, Quiet Morning

There’s nothing like waking refreshed after a great night’s sleep, wandering into a kitchen kissed by warm lighting and the sound of silence. It’s the perfect frame to sit back, watch the leaves rustle, and sip on that first cup of coffee in your favorite mug.


Settling onto my favorite spot on the couch next to the deck door, I picked up where I left off the previous day, 1 Thessalonians 4.


Up until very recently, I had been taking notes on what I have read. It does help you to remember what you read. However, I noticed in recent months, that task had become mechanical and rote. It almost took away the joy of sitting down to enjoy reading God’s love letter to we who are made in His image. This week, I made a slight adjustment. No more note taking, at least for now. Almost immediately, the joy of reading God’s Word returned. I recalled many early mornings nearly thirty years ago of making the same quiet trip down the stairs to the quiet kitchen, sitting by the same sliding glass door in my then favorite “bionic chair” with my first cup of coffee to immerse myself into God’s Word. The joy of reading The Bible as if it was a personal message to me (which it is!) returned.

Will I take notes again? I’m sure I will. But for the moment, I’m enjoying this season far too much.

What is your favorite way/time/place to read God’s Word? Drop me a comment below. I’d like to know.

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