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Winter Stats

February 28, 2017

Without any chance for snow between now and midnight, here are the snowfall totals for each month beginning in October of last year. All of these are below normal for each respective month. Furthermore, we are closing the month of February as the warmest on record. There were very few days in which below normal […]

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February Comparisons

February 27, 2017

Only two years ago, the relentless, brutal cold in the Ohio Valley made February 2015 the coldest February on record for Ohio and many adjacent states. It’s amazing how nearly opposite it is two years later. It will end up being the warmest February on record in many places east of the Rockiest, including Cleveland. […]

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Snooze Buddies

February 25, 2017

It’s colder this Saturday. Was this past week simply a wonderful dream? That’s what I was musing this morning as Frosty and I curled up with each other by the deck door. Yesterday’s record setting high of 77°F beat the previous all-time February record of 74°F in such a convincing way, that it is unlikely […]

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February 22, 2017

Are the weather rumors true? Are we likely on  track to see the warmest February since records began? Yes! BUT…. before any one of you start tangling this event to man-induced global warming, careful analysis and perspective will quickly deflate any such claim. #1: Is this event “global?” NO. Not even close. Just because NEOhio […]

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Friday Cloud Photos

February 17, 2017

We had a nice Friday window in which grabbing a photo of the decorative mid-and-high level clouds was easy. Here are a few of them today:

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February Trends

February 16, 2017

Since February 1, the overall snowpack has been diminishing in the continental USA, dropping from 41% to 26% of the lower 48 states with 1″ of snow or greater. While not rare, 26% does fall below the twelve-year mean and is experienced every six years or so: Up to this point, NEOhio is running 5-6°F […]

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Brief Cooldown… Then

February 15, 2017

What a difference a day makes: But the chill-down (more of a correction to normal February conditions) will last 2 days. As we look at the weekend and beyond, there is a chance that we may see 4-6 or more consecutive days of highs of 50°F or warmer. That will be the longest stretch in […]

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Young Meteorologist

February 13, 2017

On Sunday, I met Kyle Williams, a very young meteorologist-to-be. It so so exciting to see so much passion and wonder about weather in someone so young. He reminds me of what I must have been like at his age. There is no doubt in my mind where I will find Kyle in 10-15 years. […]

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Easy Winter

February 13, 2017

So far, in two specific areas, we are enjoying a very easy winter. The first is in snowfall thanks to the southern branch of the jet stream that has pushed far enough north to prevent much of the precipitation we are seeing from falling as snow (we are above normal in liquid precipitation). The other […]

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Mostly Up

February 10, 2017

So far, the first ten days of February have averaged mostly warmer than normal, especially thanks to the record high temperature of 60° we experienced on Tuesday. Thursday’s chill seemed VERY cold, only because we had Tuesday’s warmth as a direct contrast. In actuality, it was only 6°F colder than normal. Anticipate more temperate conditions […]

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