Are the weather rumors true? Are we likely on  track to see the warmest February since records began?

Yes! BUT…. before any one of you start tangling this event to man-induced global warming, careful analysis and perspective will quickly deflate any such claim.

#1: Is this event “global?” NO. Not even close. Just because NEOhio is experiencing this gift doesn’t mean that every place on the planet is experiencing this. In fact, there is record cold and record snows in the western United States. We have friends that live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a place that sees snow every once in a while. Typically, it’s the kind of snow that you wake up to, and by afternoon, it’s gone. Not this year. Our friends have not seen their back deck since Thanksgiving. Many ski areas in the west have seen more snow this winter than in all of the previous 5-10 years combined. The California drought is essentially over. Parts of Europe and Asia have suffered extreme cold. There was snow in the Sahara Desert for the first time in almost one-hundred years.

#2: Challenge your memory. Do you remember what happened here two years ago? Probably not. Let me refresh your memory: It was the COLDEST February in recorded meteorological history for NEOhio with an average temperature of 14.3°F. That’s OVER 16°F BELOW normal. Yet, was anyone saying that a crippling ice age was coming, even climate realists? No. That’s just as silly as locals who will insist that our current record-setting warm February is proof of man-induced “global” warming.

Furthermore, after a look at the last 17 Februarys (2000-2016), there are three years in the Top 8 coldest Februarys on record (2014 #7; 2007 #4; 2015 #1) and two years in the Top 8 warmest (2000 #8; 2012 #4). we are likely to add 2017 as #1, bumping 2000 out of the Top 8, keeping the number of Top 8 warmest Februarys at two.


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