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Spotting Orion

October 19, 2017

Orion is now visible rising in the eastern sky just after midnight. If you look above Orion, you’ll spot a reddish star, Aldebaran. Continue up from there and you will find the “Seven Sisters,” the Pleiades Cluster.

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Stunning Dawn

October 18, 2017

Brad Timerson, a retired science teacher in western New York, captured this beautiful pre-dawn moonrise with Venus still showing in the morning sky. Very soon, Venus will sink into the brighter dawn colors and will disappear from view in December, re-emerging as an evening “star” for much of 2018. In the meantime, have you been […]

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Next 16 Days

October 13, 2017

Thus far in October, only ONE day (October 1st) was anywhere close to “normal.” While a rather definitive cool-down is coming early next week, it will be short-lived. The overall trend will continue to be mild for October until we approach the end of the month.

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Coming October 20

October 12, 2017

This looks like a PHENOMENAL faith-building film! More information HERE.

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Winter Monopoly

October 12, 2017

Up to this point, the wintry assaults have been sequestered to the Northern and Central Rockies in the continental USA. That is fairly typical in any given September-October period.

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