Will The Snow Help?

Hugh Jackson is 2-0 on Christmas Eve. Will the snow help or hinder in the quest for a 3-0? Stay tuned…

The snow now falling in Chicago will arrive this afternoon and tonight, giving virtually everyone in NEOhio a White Christmas morning!

Then, add to that some serious lake effect in western New York, and you end up with a great Christmas week to test out any skis, snowboards, or winter weather attire that will be unwrapped on Christmas morning.

Ever wonder about the real story behind “Santa Claus?” Pastor Mike Cameneti of Faith Family Church in North Canton did a GREAT job in briefly talking about the REAL “Nicholas” from the 4th century during the Christmas Eve morning service today. He also talked about Christmas being the season of forgiveness. I post it below (total 38 minutes) for your enjoyment. I thought it was excellent.

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