Goodnight John Coleman

I write about my former boss and friend, John Coleman, in my first book, The Extra Mile (available HERE on Amazon). When I first saw John doing weather segments for the brand new national morning program, Good Morning America, I thought John was the best thing that came along since sliced bread. His brand of making the science of meteorology fun and interesting was something that caught this teenager’s eye. There are few of his weather segments I would miss. Here is one from the summer of 1978 after my freshman year in college:

I pray that my friend embraced the Lord before his appointment at the door of eternity. We’ve had the chance to talk about such things and in the last few months. He seemed more open to the ideas of faith in a Rescuer, named Jesus, so it gives me hope that I will see my boyhood weather hero, turned boss, turned friend, someday in the Lord’s presence.

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