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God’s Artwork

January 10, 2018

North Canton photographer, Wayne Griffith, recently used a super-macro lens to capture the amazing beauty of the snowflake. No matter how simple or complex, no two snowflakes are ever identical, and always have six sides. They also vary in the sense that some appear “simple:” …while others appear wildly “complex:” Some of them are just […]

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A Breather Next Week

January 3, 2018

It looks like the atmosphere will give us a possible breather from the intense cold next week, as temperatures hover around, or even climb a little above normal (35°F)! Let’s hope this comes to fruition.  

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Lake Erie Ice

January 1, 2018

Given the extent and resident time of the extreme cold over Lake Erie, look for the lake to completely freeze over in the next 7-10 days:

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

What a memorable New Year’s Day… it has been quite a while since a full week before and after New Year’s Day has been, and will be, persistently brutally cold. Nonetheless, it’s my prayer for you and your loved ones that 2018 is a year of God’s favor and blessing on your lives.

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