While perspective is indeed subjective and individual, it’s absolutely imperative for me. It becomes a basis from which I navigate through every day. Without it, I tend to stray, go off-course. This is why my personal time in God’s Word, The Bible, is high on my daily priority list. My favorite time to do that is while having my favorite meal, breakfast.

While reading the epistle 1 John, Chapter 2 (especially verse 15-17), I was reminded about those things that are truly important in life. I thought about that verse in light of the Oscars last night. Events like that are fine… in fact, I’m the recipient of two local Emmys for outstanding local weather segments. As fun as that was, it was even more fun giving one of the Emmy statues to my Dad and Mom… who proudly had it displayed on top of their living room television for everyone to see. (The other statue actually fell off a shelf in my home and shattered beyond repair.)

But fifty years from now, none of the awards or accolades will mean anything to anyone let alone have any eternal value. That’s why I read God’s Word as often as I am able. It helps me to stay grounded in a place that allows me to enjoy life pleasures without placing more value in them than what is wise.

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