As Clear As Fog

The fog has been a persistent feature in the last 12 hours or so. As I made my usual stop at the post office on my way home from work on Friday night, I had a strong deja vu moment that made me stop in my tracks, look around, and take it all in.

Growing up on the coast of New England, fog was a somewhat common meteorological staple. Even as a youngster growing up, I liked fog. It was as if we were getting a cozy hug from the atmosphere. I thought I knew what fog was until I moved to my college campus home in Lyndonville, Vermont on September 3, 1977.

One of my last duties for my hometown radio station, WBSM-AM, was to fill in for John Parisi, who took Labor Day week off. That meant I had to wake at 5 a.m. that week, make my way to the “met lab,” and call in a weather forecast for the morning listeners. What did I wake to every single morning? Fog. It was so thick that pea soup would have been considered broth. The fog was so thick, it was downright spooky. I was expecting a zombie to reach out and grab me as I made my way to the student center. I quickly learned that nocturnal fog develops nearly every night in Vermont and New Hampshire in September and early October… and it’s THICK, yes, thicker than the coastal fog I grew up seeing often.

Tonight’s fog wasn’t as thick as the fog I experienced every autumn for four years, but the student center is where the student mailboxes were… and I was at the post office… thus the fun trip back to a special time in my life.

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