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Strong Sun Returning

February 29, 2020

Even though (as of 11 a.m.) the lake effect snow warning is still in effect until 6 p.m. (it may be dropped this afternoon, so stay tuned), strong “almost March” sunshine is starting to return. With skies clearing, you can see the snowpack easily on the visible satellite imagery. It’s now time to “reflect” on […]

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More Focus

February 28, 2020

With the strong and gusty winds settling down, the lake effect bands are moving from protean clusters to more focused, longer-lasting bands. The most impressive band this Friday morning has formed on the east side of Lake Ontario. Snowfall rates are likely in the 1-3″ per hour under the heaviest portion of this band.

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Snowy Photos

February 28, 2020

Thanks to everyone to submitted some beautiful photos of our late-season lake-effect snowfall!

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Winter Is Back!

February 27, 2020

Here are a few photos from Geauga County this morning. I’d love to see your photos (and share them here). You can send me your JPGs via email:

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Narrow Signature

February 27, 2020

Take a LOOK at this photo from high above Kansas on Wednesday showing the NARROW (~ 15 miles) band of heavy snow that fell on Tuesday. Leigh Marts @spann @StormHour @snowhour #kswx #snow — Jake Dunne (@KWCHJake) February 27, 2020

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Low-Carb Pasta

February 26, 2020

I’ve been using pasta made from black beans recently in an attempt to curb our simple carb intake. The result has been outstanding! Here is the photo I posted on my Twitter account (@andrebernier) on Sunday night: In the meantime, while Sally and I were at Heinen’s today, I saw a pasta that had even […]

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Snow Arriving

February 26, 2020

Ohio DOT cameras are showing the snow accumulating near Toledo (I-280 and the Ohio Turnpike) at 2 p.m. The rain will change to snow locally a few hours either side of sunset with significant travel challenging developing tonight.

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Heaven Part 4

February 26, 2020

I wrapped up my 4-part series on Heaven at New Promise Church in Kirtland, Ohio last Sunday. I thinbk you’ll find the analogy I draw to dig into John Chapter 14 relevant and revealing! ´╗┐

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Active Week Ahead

February 25, 2020

Listen to my latest episode of WeatherJazz┬« for an in-depth look at what may be a very active weather week in NEOhio. ´╗┐

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Morning Meets Evening

February 21, 2020

Since joining a local fitness club, I’ve been hearing from many of its members about some of my co-workers at FOX 8 that are also members. One of them was Wayne Dawson, morning anchor with whom I worked for many years when I was on the morning show. I finally ran into Wayne on Thursday […]

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