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June 24, 2020

Tromsø is Norway’s 4th largest city and it is well inside of Earth’s Arctic Circle at almost 70° North latitude. That means Tromsø experiences perpetual sunshine during the summertime. In addition to being home to a research university, there is quite an influx of tourists since Tromsø is so accessible by auto, ship, or aircraft. […]

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Alaska Roadways

June 22, 2020

Check out my latest WeatherJazz® podcast episode on how weather affects the challenges of building and sustaining Alaska’s roadway system! 

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Sky Drama

June 11, 2020

Wednesday’s squall line certainly gave us a number of dramatic moments from the shelf cloud ahead of the rain, to some sunset mammatus clouds, lightning, and double-rainbows.  This image was from the near west side of Cleveland taken by one of my former weather interns, Lauren Hilko. Most of the lightning in the Cleveland […]

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Moderate Risk

June 10, 2020

Our risk for severe weather this afternoon is quite high: Stay alert as this powerful line comes through. The animation below is 4 PM through 11 PM:

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First 90°F Day

June 9, 2020

We reached 92°F today, giving us our first 90°F day of the year. It’s not a record, though. We missed it by 1°F. We’re not far off from the normal “first 90°F date” of June 10th, only 1 day earlier than normal. The heat will come to a quick end with the arrival of a […]

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NightLapse June 7-8

June 8, 2020

Here’s a nighttime time lapse of the waning gibbous moon, 3 nights past full, zipping through the sky on Sunday-Monday. You’ll see Sagittarius immediately to the right of the moon and two bright objects immediately left of the moon. Those two objects are Jupiter and Saturn.  While you’re watching, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to […]

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Strawberry Moon

June 5, 2020

The moon is full tonight. Hope you can catch a glimpse of it tonight. Here’s what it looked like in Graceville, MN last night!

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