Meet Iceland’s Biggest Pop Star!

This episode has been almost two years in the making and will likely be one of my very favorite for years to come. About two winters ago, I heard a song on FM95.7 in Reykjavik, Iceland, that piqued my attention. I instantly loved it and scrambled fast to “Shazam” it. The song was by popular Icelandic music artist, Jón Jónsson, called Með þér:

Jón (pronounced “yon” in Icelandic) and I connected soon after, looking for a moment when we could both find a window of time when we could record an episode of WeatherJazz®. Jón earned a degree in economics from Boston University in 2009 and I was curious about his impressions of our east coast, maritime climate compared to Iceland. However, we spent much of our time talking about his successful music career. It’s my prediction that by the end of this episode, you too will be a Jón Jónsson fan!

Here is some additional material, including a video of the impromptu song Jón Jónsson sang for us from his home in Iceland (via Zoom):

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