A Crazy April So Far

WeatherJazz® is a podcast in constant motion forward! I’m always trying to take it to the next level. Enter “MRC.fm” from near London. Mike and Isabella Russell have a fabulous weekly LIVE YouTube show called Free Jingle Friday. Last Friday, I jumped into their sphere of influence by hiring them to make me a “Meteorological Monday” audio stinger. Watching them make my jingle was so much fun! This is the stinger you will hear now on Monday episodes of WeatherJazz®. Take a look!

Alaska has experienced several days of record-setting snows for April 3rd and 4th!

Fairbanks saw a record-setting 7″ of snow on Saturday, eclipsing the old record of 2.3″ only 5 years ago (2016).

In the meantime after a  big April 1st snowfall, look how DRY the CONUS was on Friday of last week. Only four places in the USA recorded measurable precipitation! This is the lowest daily total since records of this nature began in 2000!

Behind that big snowfall, a polar air mass moved in allowing many record lows to be set or tied for Easter Sunday morning.

So what’s ahead in the medium-range trend?

While the first few days of April featured cool east and warm west, a more progressive pattern is likely to emerge in the next few weeks allowing temperatures to bounce from normal to above normal at times.

The parameters that we look at that help us with weather trends point to a warm up this week for the Ohio Valley, but many other medium-range parameters are pretty “flat.”

This weekend marks the 47th anniversary of the USA’s biggest tornado outbreak in our history. Nearly 150 tornadoes touched down in 24 hours…including an amazing 30 F4 & 5s!!!

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