The Cruelty Of April

There are simply moments in April (even May) during which you have to grab as many straws as you are able. The straws to which I make reference are those of spring artifacts of all kinds. Why? Because March, April, and even May can be cruel months that tantalize you with some amazing days only to lead you down a (snowy) primrose path. Case in point today (Sunday). Our Rosebud tree is showing signs of an amazing bloom, perhaps a week or so away.

Unsuspecting and meteorologically uninformed passers-by will likely be taken aback with the forecast snowfall in just a few days.

In the meantime, I was not dodging things wintry, but things summery this afternoon when I arrived at Heinen’s in Bainbridge to grab some dinner supplies for tonight. A sudden thunderstorm popped up making me think twice about running inside. I had the advantage of seeing the offending storm by calling up NEXRAD Doppler radar on my Tesla control monitor. I was able to wait 10 minutes before exiting the car.

Leave it to my former college calculus professor, Dr. Muzzey, to post this humorous jab:


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