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Get Ready For Winter!

November 27, 2020

Our Thanksgiving period was largely quiet and near normal temperature-wise, but the weather rumors we’ve been spinning are pointing to a significant pattern change. But here’s the question: Is this cold punch coming in going to set the pace for December or is this just a quick shot of cold air and snow? FOX 8 […]

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Meet Iceland’s Biggest Pop Star!

November 14, 2020

This episode has been almost two years in the making and will likely be one of my very favorite for years to come. About two winters ago, I heard a song on FM95.7 in Reykjavik, Iceland, that piqued my attention. I instantly loved it and scrambled fast to “Shazam” it. The song was by popular […]

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Miraculous Healing

November 11, 2020

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Planetary Targets

November 9, 2020

With stunningly clear skies since late last week, seeing some fun astronomical objects has been easy! Jupiter and Saturn are low in the SW sky until they set around 9 p.m. (click on the image to see a larger version). Mars is now rising high in the SE sky just after twilight fades! It’s very […]

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2020-2021 Winter Outlook

November 2, 2020

Here it is… my annual winter outlook discussion with Scott Sabol on WeatherJazz® via any podcast app, or you can listen HERE on the audio player below. It’s one of the most popular yearly episodes of WeatherJazz®!!! 

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First Snow NE

October 30, 2020

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Slow Recovery

October 28, 2020

Do you remember the derecho that slammed Iowa in August? Cedar Rapids was particularly hard hit. The nation outside Iowa hasn’t heard much from there since. Does that mean they have recovered? Hardly! Join me and FOX 8’s Lou Maglio as he describes what he saw in Cedar Rapids just a week ago on my […]

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Blue Sound

October 23, 2020

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Morning Fog

October 6, 2020

At this time of year, morning river valley fog is common and easy to see on the visible satellite image once the sun comes up! This is what it looked like as we approached the lunch hour when the fog was gone:

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Morning Fireball

September 30, 2020

From “Trucker Beetle Bailey,” LINK HERE. “This video was taken from my DashCam in Pennsylvania on interstate 76 westbound at approximately the 150 mile marker at about 5:25 AM Eastern.” 

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