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September 12, 2018

My world-audience podcast, WeatherJazz®, has a fresh, new wind bringing some exciting changes. Using a new podcast platform, WeatherJazz® will be available not only on iTunes, but virtually every podcast platform out there by the end of September. Episodes will be MUCH more frequent, more free-flowing (like my Facebook LIVE posts on the FOX 8 […]

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Good News

August 1, 2018

So what is your go-to, feel-good song on your iPhone or MP3 player right now? I thought I’d share a few of my top songs on my “CCM” list in the next few weeks. My #1 foot-stomping, praise song is one by Mandisa, a singer that rose to prominence thanks to Season 5 of American […]

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East vs. West USA

July 31, 2018

In the vast majority of cases, when it heats up in the eastern United States, it cools off in the western United States. Note the 10-day temperature forecast for the first ten days of August in Cleveland: I selected an arbitrary city in the western United States (in this case, Spokane, WA) and did a […]

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Weatherbrains #651

July 13, 2018

Here is the popular podcast, Weatherbrains, featuring my former college professor, Dr. Joe D’Aleo, as well as former Weather Channel colleague, Al Lipson. 

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Does A Glass “Sweat?”

July 3, 2018

Remember to enable the volume on the lower right hand button to hear the sound.

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Soaker Coming

June 21, 2018

Get ready for a 2-3 day soaker with intermittent showers and thunderstorms likely between Friday and Sunday morning. John Tryon captured a cool image last night. Be sure to follow @scannerjt1 on Twitter!

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Clear Sky Photos

May 24, 2018

So what do you snap photos of during cloudless, sunny days? Try aircraft! Here are two amazing photos for the last week:

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Strawberry Letter #23

May 16, 2018

Those of you familiar with the Brothers’ Johnson 1977 pop hit, “Strawberry Letter #23” may have always wondered, like me, why the lyrics include “Strawberry Letter #22.” Until recently, I could only theorize. As a collector of Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 radio programs, the mystery was solved in a program that filled the only […]

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Cold To Warm Flip

May 11, 2018

Until today’s (Friday’s) cool down on the chilly side of an active stationary front, there is a distinct flip from a cool-to-cold flow to the warm pattern that arrived on May 1st. The stationary boundary will keep us periodically wet over the next 5-8 days. Note how much above average the rainfall will be across […]

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Beautiful Image

May 10, 2018

Early Thursday morning before sunrise, a thunderstorm took a swipe at Pittsburgh. Dave DiCello was ready. He captured this beautiful image of the thunderstorm approaching!

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