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Stubborn March Chill

March 19, 2019

While we do have a few “cracks” in the overall cold pattern, note how the chill wants to be very persistent in the next 8 days.

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Cold Start

March 11, 2019

Until yesterday (Sunday), every single average daily temperature for the month of March was below normal. The coldest departure from normal was on Tuesday of last week resulting in a total departure 0f -9°F thus far. We are still in a cold pattern, but at least periodically, we are starting to see some glimmers of […]

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31° Celsius

February 25, 2019

That’s how old Dick Goddard would say he is! Mr. Goddard stopped by the station on Friday and we surprised him with an elaborate cake to honor his 88th year around the sun. Even my cat, Frosty, posed to wish him a happy purrrrrrrthday.

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February 25, 2019

While perspective is indeed subjective and individual, it’s absolutely imperative for me. It becomes a basis from which I navigate through every day. Without it, I tend to stray, go off-course. This is why my personal time in God’s Word, The Bible, is high on my daily priority list. My favorite time to do that […]

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Power Outage Report

February 24, 2019

Update as of 1:00 PM EST: 155,000 Customers without power in Ohio.

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Best Meal Of The Day

February 23, 2019

It’s always my intention to wake earlier than what I do on weekend mornings. Such was the case today. After a full brief on the weather scenario developing for the weekend while sipping on my first cup of coffee (see post below), I was determined to make the morning special by creating an omelette from […]

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Windy Sunday Coming

February 22, 2019

A deepening low pressure system will pass by to out west, but certainly close enough to cause concern. A High Wind Watch for Sunday is in effect for possible wind gusts between 50-60 MPH by Sunday afternoon and evening. This may mean scattered power outages. Secure loose objects outdoors now.

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Supermoon Pics

February 19, 2019

Here are a few neat “supermoon” photos from last night. Respect to each photographer who posted these on Twitter. Here is Episode #056 of my podcast WeatherJazz® which goes into some of the dynamics of the supermoon. Once we get the snow and wintry mix to change to rain on Wednesday afternoon, look for a […]

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The Romance Of Fog

February 15, 2019

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day… I would imagine that busy workweek couples will celebrate with a dinner this weekend What is the coziest kind of weather you can think of for that dinner? Snow? Rain? Warm, dry breezes? Fog? FOG?!?!? Sure! Why not? After sitting on a couple of interviews about the “sentimental, romantic” nature of […]

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Valentine Snow Stats

February 14, 2019

The USA has the most snowpack (Lower 48) it has seen in over 5 years on St. Valentine’s Day: Out of the last 5 years, Cleveland has observed snow on the ground for 4 of them (there was no snow on the ground in 2017). Looks like a cool-ish weekend with a return to normal […]

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