Wave Train

We are entering into a periodically wet weather pattern. Note how a significant rainy area moves by every few days in this 8-day animation:

In the meantime, Colorado went from nearly 80°F yesterday to blizzard warnings this morning.

Courtesy former Weather Channel colleague, Vince Miller.

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TuneIn Addition!

Good news for Tesla owners (and anyone else who can get TuneIn streaming in their car)! My podcast, WeatherJazz®, has been added to the TuneIn podcast line up so you can listen on the go.

Just do a search for “weatherjazz” (one word) and hit the favorite star to keep it in your line up.

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Cherry Blossoms

You know that spring weather is starting to visit the eastern USA when the famed cherry blossoms are showing off in Washington, DC.

A few interesting facts: while the small the fruit on the Japanese cherry trees are edible, they are not very palatable and are not used for human consumption.

The largest collection of cherry blossom trees is not in Washington, DC. It is in New Jersey at the USA’s oldest park, Branch Brook Park, where you will find 5,000 Japanese cherry trees (as opposed to 3,000 in Washington, DC).

There are 200 cherry blossom trees at the Ohio University (Athens), a gift from Chubu University in Japan.

Here are the cherry blossom trees in bloom in Japan right now:

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After a very cold last day of March on Sunday (that may also come with a coating of snow when you wake on Sunday morning), we may finally see a bretter sustained “breakout” of springlike temperatures into the latter portion of next week and beyond.

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Stubborn March Chill

While we do have a few “cracks” in the overall cold pattern, note how the chill wants to be very persistent in the next 8 days.

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Cold Start

Until yesterday (Sunday), every single average daily temperature for the month of March was below normal. The coldest departure from normal was on Tuesday of last week resulting in a total departure 0f -9°F thus far.

We are still in a cold pattern, but at least periodically, we are starting to see some glimmers of springtime hope!

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31° Celsius

That’s how old Dick Goddard would say he is!

Mr. Goddard stopped by the station on Friday and we surprised him with an elaborate cake to honor his 88th year around the sun. Even my cat, Frosty, posed to wish him a happy purrrrrrrthday.

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While perspective is indeed subjective and individual, it’s absolutely imperative for me. It becomes a basis from which I navigate through every day. Without it, I tend to stray, go off-course. This is why my personal time in God’s Word, The Bible, is high on my daily priority list. My favorite time to do that is while having my favorite meal, breakfast.

While reading the epistle 1 John, Chapter 2 (especially verse 15-17), I was reminded about those things that are truly important in life. I thought about that verse in light of the Oscars last night. Events like that are fine… in fact, I’m the recipient of two local Emmys for outstanding local weather segments. As fun as that was, it was even more fun giving one of the Emmy statues to my Dad and Mom… who proudly had it displayed on top of their living room television for everyone to see. (The other statue actually fell off a shelf in my home and shattered beyond repair.)

But fifty years from now, none of the awards or accolades will mean anything to anyone let alone have any eternal value. That’s why I read God’s Word as often as I am able. It helps me to stay grounded in a place that allows me to enjoy life pleasures without placing more value in them than what is wise.

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Power Outage Report

Update as of 1:00 PM EST: 155,000 Customers without power in Ohio.


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Best Meal Of The Day

It’s always my intention to wake earlier than what I do on weekend mornings. Such was the case today. After a full brief on the weather scenario developing for the weekend while sipping on my first cup of coffee (see post below), I was determined to make the morning special by creating an omelette from some produce I forgot I had.

Add a little Asiago cheese and an English muffin and…

….you have breakfast fit for a prince, made so by the King of Kings’ rescue mission for us 2,000 years ago and whose Word on which I also dined. Food for the soul, food for the body.

I’ve begun reading 1 John. One of my favorite passages says that, “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness.” Imagine for a moment a place that has NO darkness AT ALL. That also means a place in which you will not find any shadows! Pondering those things that God has planned for those who place their trust in Jesus is an interesting exercise. God’s Word says that none of us could ever even come close to imagining the amazing place that Christ is preparing for those who trust in His Son for salvation (1 Corinthians 2:8-10).

I can’t imagine living my life without the King of Kings living in my heart.

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