Lake Erie Ice

The recent cold period sent Lake Erie ice coverage up by about 20% in the last few days.

The ice ebbs and flows with the up-and-down pattern of the next few days until it gets steadily colder again by the weekend.

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Late Weekend Clipper

I’ll be filling in  tonight on FOX 8 News at 6 and 10 PM. Join me after watching the PBA Tournament Of Champions LIVE from Akron, Ohio on FOX this afternoon!

Click on the RADAR TAB above to keep track of the incoming snow Sunday afternoon and evening. This clipper-type system (originally from the Seattle area) will bring a widespread swath of synoptic snow (not lake effect) that will bring a general 1-3″ of accumulation by just past midnight on Monday morning. (Click on any image below to see a close up.)

Aside from Valentine’s Day, it looks like a fairly active weather week. Another stormy system will approach on Friday with rain, changing to snow on Saturday to start the next weekend:

In this animation, watch the clipper snow drop 1-3″ tonight, and another round of significant snow early next weekend:

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Who Is YOUR Flock?

I love mornings like this. I have a favorite chair to sip coffee and dive into God’s Word while watching life go by out the back deck door. Recently, I’ve been spending time in 1st Peter. I came across this passage today and stopped:

At first glance, one might be tempted to think this applies only to your church Pastor, or your boss at work. But the more I read it, the more I realized that every single one of us has a “flock” under our care. It could be your family, it could be your co-workers, or it could be your neighbors. I thought of the members on my team at the television station. As the lead meteorologist, I set the tone. Yet, verse 3 goes on to say that I should lead by example and never by “lording it over people.” I’ve done it both ways and I can tell you that lording it over people makes things miserable for those you care for AND for yourself!

Stop and think today: Who is the flock entrusted to me by God? Let God’s love for your flock lead you in the way you care and serve them. It was a great reminder for me.

I’d love your thoughts. Feel free to leave me and my readers a comment below (the forum will be open for about a week).

Here’s praying that your weekend is full of joy and God’s favor.

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Check Your Barometer!

The high pressure system flowing down from Canada is a very strong and dense one. This Saturday morning’s readings are pushing close to 31.00″ in places!!! My home weather station is at 30.89″. What about yours? Leave me a comment with your town and barometer reading.

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Flash Freeze & Fast Ice

The contrast was pretty dramatic between Thursday night and Friday morning.

Nearly an inch of rain fell before the cool down. Since the ground was saturated, there was plenty of standing water exposed to the sub-freezing chill-down. The result is something I like to call “fast ice” because of the flash freeze. In talk about the dynamics of this kind of fun, beautiful backyard winter artwork in Episode #051 of my podcast, WeatherJazz®:

Note how quickly the barometer rises as the cold air comes in on this superimposed chart.

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New Record!

How about that. Cleveland’s official temperature actually touched 60°F for three observational hours (8, 9, 10 PM). The record high for Thursday is 60°F set only two years ago. We’ll see just after midnight if we went any higher in between hours. Stay tuned.

Click on the image below to see a close up of the map (courtesy Numbers (forecast highs) with circles around them indicate a new record if these highs are verified.

In the meantime, check out the difference between the deep arctic chill in North Dakota vs. the record-setting warmth in the deep southeast!

As of 5 p.m. EST:
83°F = Winter Haven, FL
-18°F = Crosby, ND

Difference = 101°F!

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Attention Pilots

UPDATE: The Bose A20 headset is no longer available. The Stratus 2 is now up on ebay HERE.

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Best Of WeatherJazz®

By far, the most downloaded and listened to podcast since the October redesign and launch of Season 2 has been Episode #041: My Car Is Shaking! Apparently, many people had the same issue the Sunday after the big Ohio snowstorm and wondered if something was desperately wrong with their car. Not at all! There was an easy, easy fix:

Other popular episodes included the one on “frost quakes:”

And of course, my prediction for the Super Bowl game!

Be sure to subscribe to WeatherJazz® ia your favorite podcast app, or by listening on WeatherJazz®.com

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Fast Rebound

It’s still cold this Thursday, but watch how quickly the cold air recedes by the weekend.

Cleveland spent 25 hours below zero this go-around, the sixth longest period of below zero readings since records began, however, there were no recored lows established during this entire stretch!

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Extreme COLD!

Click on the individual maps to zoom in. Circles around the numbers indicate a record low minimum and record low maximum.

Wednesday morning lows:


Wednesday afternoon highs:


Thursday morning lows:


Thursday afternoon highs:


Here is a map that shows what area of the USA will experience below zero temperatures this week (28.2%):


Here is Monday’s release of my podcast, WeatherJazz®:

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