Wild Saturday Sunrise

A fast-moving, mid-level disturbance was strong and fast enough to generate a spectacular shelf cloud along the leading edge of a morning line of showers and thunderstorms.

Thanks to many people who submitted photos via Facebook and Twitter today. Here are a few of those amazing photos:

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It Has Been A While

Thursday’s temperature departure of +10°F is the warmest departure since our warm spell in mid-June of this summer.

It was also partially responsible for charging up the atmosphere for our round of severe thunderstorms on Thursday. Here are a couple of images of yesterday’s EF-0 tornado that touched down just NE of the Youngstown-Vienna Airport.

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Coming November 1

Christmas In Pilaf, the web site.

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11 Days

Tuesday’s official high of 90°F now makes it 11 days at 90°F or hotter. Our summer forecast was for 14. There’s still plenty of time to see a few more before we put away 90°F for the year.

In the meantime, yesterday’s departure was the biggest since mid-July.

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Life Of A Sunspot

Here’s a really neat video depicting the life of a sunspot crossing the surface of the sun.

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Climate Games

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Glen Campbell’s Testimony

Whenever you hear about the death of a famous star, if you are like me, you wonder if that person was saved, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I saw a Facebook post from Franklin Graham this morning with a link to an online article that highlighted the awesome testimony of Glen Campbell, a brother in the Lord.

CLICK HERE to read that article.

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Not Much Variation

Just like July, there hasn’t been a whole lot of variety in our August temperatures!

This will likely persist for another few weeks.

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Chapter Ending

After nearly 30 years on WCRF, 103.3 FM, and almost 20 years on WNPQ, 95.9 FM, my final radio forecast for both will be on Friday, August 18.  You can click on the audio file below for more.

André Announces Radio Changes

Essentially, I need to find way to rebuild the personal margin that has slowly vanished over the last few years. Those who know me well know how difficult it was for me to do this since I enjoy being a part of the local radio community.

I will be exploring some other avenues to maintain an audio footprint in the next year or two.

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Dick Albert – WCVB-TV

One of the greats in television weather passed away today at the too-young age of 73. While I never met Dick Albert, I watched him often and enjoyed his relaxed, witty style.

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